Constructing a true bespoke suit is an art that is only practiced by a few people in Australia. Both Pino and Domenico Carbone have mastered the skills of tailoring that allow them to create patterns, cut fabric and construct garments almost entirely by hand. That means hours of stitching, hand cutting and attention to detail by these master tailors. The result are suits, shirts and other garments that fit perfectly and make you look and feel remarkable.

We craft all our clients garments in-house in order to maintain the utmost quality control. We could never get the desired results by outsourcing. As your garment is created at our premises, we can respond readily to modifications. .

Such small things as the selection of cotton thread have a huge impact on the durability of your garment; by creating in-house we can ensure that only the highest quality trimmings are used. Highly skilled craftsmanship combined with quality materials are the hallmark of Carbone Master Tailors authentic bespoke garments.

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