Domenico Carbone is a master of creating authentic bespoke garments. His father was trained in Italy by master artisans in European ateliers before coming to Australia. Domenicos' skills were developed from a young age at his fathers atelier under the demanding eye of his dad and other Italian artisans.

For generations the Italian masters have been passing the traditions of bespoke design and craftsmanship to the chosen few. Domenico was fortunate to be one of those chosen to carry on the heritage and traditions of Italian bespoke tailoring. This required years to develop the craftsmanship that Italians are renowned for.

The internationally acclaimed Italian style that Domenico was schooled in goes beyond craft and has at it’s foundation subtle aesthetic principles that take decades to develop. Now in his forties Domenico is acknowledged by his peers as being a master tailor of unsurpassed skill.

The result of Domenicos’ decades of dedication to the art of tailoring, are garments of unsurpassed sartorial elegance that are a pleasure to wear. To ensure quality and durability, all their garments are created in-house at his friendly sartoria.

The Art Of Tailoring