You have your own personal style; it is expresses who you are. Our stylists’ task is to guide you in the choice of cut, colour, fabric and myriad details to create your ideal tailored statement.

Whether your vision is for the sublime or a practical business suit, our stylist will make it a reality that you will love wearing. Bespoke tailoring can enhance your figure and offers personal details that are uniquely yours.

Kellie Carbone has been offering styling advice for over twenty years. Having been formally trained in art and design provides her with insights into using form, colour and texture to compliment your features. Her studies in life drawing have trained her eye for anatomy, which can be clothed to accentuate its beauty.

Drawing inspiration from a world of art, together with a deep knowledge of the tailored workmanship, makes Kellie the ideal style consultant.

Illustrations by Kellie Carbone

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